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Group orders are final sale. (This includes any order receiving a group discount). We offer samples and color swatches to ensure your order will be perfect.  Please inspect your entire order upon arrival. If you have a discrepancy from what you ordered or another order issue, you must contact us within 2 weeks of order arrival.
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Revelry provides a Sample Box service to ensure a happy customer.  If something is not right, we will fix it!

Did your chapter order sample sizes of the style ordered?

Does the delivered order match your invoice?

Are you contacting us within the two week grace period of your order arriving?

Please provide details about how we can help.

Example:  You ordered 51 Mediums but only recieved 50.  
Example: One size large is damaged. Pictures will be required.
We will contact you soon and we look forward to providing more information on how we can help. Thank you!
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